Joining the Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership is as easy as completing one quick form. Then you’re automatically registered for PAP conferences, added to the membership email list and can choose any workgroups you would like to become involved in.

Please complete the form below. You may also email or call 717-541-5864 ext 44 to reach the PAP Program Manager with any questions.

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Members are PAP's most important resource! Membership is voluntary and open to all individuals, organizations, foundations, and businesses who wish to collaborate with PAP in its goal, mission and activities. (There is no membership fee.) Members are encouraged to attend and participate in full partnership meetings and activities as scheduled. Members become eligible for election to the Executive Committee which provides leadership to PAP. Members need not be in total agreement on all issues, however, members will be expected to be respectful of differing voices and opinions while sharing their voice in crafting the shared vision and activities of PAP.

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Workgroup Participation

The Partnership has developed workgroups whose purpose reflects our mission and both short and long term project goals. Please select one or more of the following workgroups that you would like to be actively involved with. Workgroups typically meet monthly or every other month.

Asthma Outreach and Education: Working to eliminate environmental impacts on asthma, and to optimize individuals' self-management of asthma through education in schools, homes, and workplaces.

Provider: Increasing healthcare provider use of evidence-based, national asthma treatment guidelines.

Public Policy: Changing public policy to improve asthma care.

PA Asthma Partnership Resources

The Partnership's most important resource is our members. All members are asked to provide any resources or information possible to help further the common overall missions, goals, and statewide asthma action plan. Please select all ways that you could contribute to the Partnership.

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