Partner Activities

The Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership’s actions are chosen from the 2006 Pennsylvania Asthma Action Plan. The partnership has recently decided to transition from six to three workgroups that work in partnership to strategically reduce the burden of asthma in Pennsylvania.


Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership Workgroups:

Asthma Outreach/Education — Working to eliminate environmental impacts on asthma, and to optimize individuals’ self-management of asthma through education in schools, homes, and workplaces. Asthma education may include awareness of environmental factors, self-management with adherence to treatment programs, asthma 101 training of school/workplace staff, and increasing knowledge of available community resources.
Provider — Increasing healthcare provider use of evidence-based, national asthma treatment guidelines

Regarding surveillance, asthma data will be collected, analyzed, collected and reported to each workgroup. Asthma disparities will be addressed in all applicable workgroup activities.

Each workgroup has a chair, which serves on the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee has the task of directing, motivating, and coordinating the activities of the entire partnership.

This section of the website contains frequent updates on the activities of each workgroup. Check back often, we’re moving forward!

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