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We are proud to be able to provide you with a free downloadable copy of the Pennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Toolkit! The Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma (PAAA) Coalition and the Pennsylvania Department of Health have developed the Pennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Toolkit. The goal in developing this toolkit is to improve asthma education resources among community-based organizations, primary care providers, and schools. This toolkit has been designed to provide you with tools and information to educate your communities, patients, and students about asthma.

This toolkit is now being distributed state-wide through the Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership, which is managed by the American Lung Association of Pennsylvania and is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


The Pennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Toolkit has been divided into three sections:

Each of these sections contains targeted educational material that can be used by community-based organizations, healthcare providers, and schools to improve asthma education efforts. While the enclosed materials have been designed specifically for children and parents of children with asthma, the information included in this toolkits can be used to educated adults with asthma as well.


Each of the three sections has been subdivided with information on specific asthma topics. Instructions included on each of the unit tabs provide further direction on how to use the material in everyday practice. As asthma information changes you will be able to download updated materials for FREE from this website. Please remember to check back periodically to make sure you are using the most updated information at all times.

Log-on will be required in order to view these materials. Information gathered will be utilized for tracking and reporting purposes. Please utilize the same log-on information each time you visit.

Continuing Education Credits:

The Pennsylvania Pediatric Asthma Toolkit may be eligible for continuing education credits within your profession.

Registered Nurses, School Nurse Certified and Teachers:

Download and complete the entire attached Act 48 evaluation. [PDF] Registered nurses should also mark evaluations with “RN Credit Certificate Requested” under the Department of Education Personal ID #, to verify that you receive the appropriate certificate.

Continuing Medical Education:

Physicians may claim AMA Category 2 continuing medical education credits for participation in learning experiences that enhance professional effectivness. Physicians should maintain records of attendance, claiming one hour of credit for each hour of participation. The AMA Physician’s Recognition Award permits up to 30 hours of the 50 hours required annually to be earned in Category 2 activities. The Pennsylvania Board of Medicine allows 80 hours of the 100 hour biennial CME requirement to be earned in Category 2 activities. This activity has been developed in accordance with the American Medical Association ethical opinions on Gifts to Physicians from Industry and on Ethical Issues in CME. More information about Category 2 credits can be obtained at: (page 10).


Although the toolkit places special emphasis on three target audiences, information presented is relevant to anyone working in the field of asthma. It is our hope that these tools are useful to you as you educate and expand your outreach efforts.

The Philadelphia Allies Against Asthma Coalition and Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership received permission to reproduce all educational materials. These materials are examples of asthma educational resources and are not representative of all available resources. The selection of materials does not constitute an endorsement of a specific organization or product.

Comments, questions, or suggestions can be directed to the Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership at

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