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Asthma 101 | PAP

Asthma 101

Hello and thank you for taking the time to learn about effective management of asthma in the classroom by viewing and listening to Asthma 101. In order for you to receive your 2 hours of ACT 48 or ACT 58 credits you are required to sign in with your name, email and PPID. Your PPID is the 7 digit number issued to you by The Department of Education. If you do not have your PPID number it can be found at this link on the Department of Education’s website, https://www.perms.ed.state.pa.us/wfLogin.aspx?T=1. You will need to enter you name, social security number and Date of Birth.

Additionally you are required to take both a pre and posttest; this is not graded but is used for internal purposes to see how much knowledge is gained from the program. After the posttest is completed you will be able to print out a Certificate of Completion, after the certificate is printed you may add your name.

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