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This area is designed to be a resource to give community members and organizations asthma educational materials. By no means is this representative of all materials available, these materials are examples of asthma educational resources and are not representative of all available asthma resources. The selection of material does not constitute endorsement of a specific organization or product.

A word of advice: Some individuals choose to print certain materials on card-stock paper or laminate them for repeated use.


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Asthma Education Material

The Asthma Flare-Up: English Spanish

Childhood Asthma Explanation – American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunonlogy Info Sheet: English Spanish

Clues that an Asthma Attack is Coming: English

Ways to Avoid Asthma Triggers: English Spanish

3 Steps … To a Smoke-Free Home: English Spanish

Asthma Medicines: English Spanish

How to Use a Metered Dose Inhaler with a Chamber with Mouthpiece: English Spanish

How to Give Your Child a Metered Dose Inhaler with a Chamber with Facemask: English Spanish

How to Use Your Dry Powder Inhaler Diskus: English

How to Use Your Dry Powder Inhaler Flexhaler: English

Spirometry Review: English

Spirometry Test Session English



Managing Asthma

Rules of Two: English Spanish

What is an Asthma Action Plan (AAP)?: English Spanish

Asthma Action Plan: English Spanish

Using a Peak Flow Meter: English Spanish

Peak Flow Tracking Sheet: English Spanish



Teaching Tools

Teacher’s Guide- What is Asthma?: English Spanish

Teacher’s Guide- What is a Trigger?: English Spanish

Teacher’s Guide- Asthma Medications and Devices: English Spanish

Teacher’s Guide- How Can I Manage My Child’s Asthma?: English Spanish

Inhalers: English Spanish

Why Asthma makes it hard to breathe diagram: English Spanish

Why should I use a spacer with my inhaler?: English Spanish



Community Resources

Asthma Resource Guide: English Spanish

Evidence-Based Childhood Asthma Interventions: English Spanish

EPA Asthma-Related Publications: English Spanish

EPA Order Form: FREE Bilingual Asthma Materials: English Spanish

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