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5 Pennsylvania Organizations Awarded Asthma Control Mini-Grants

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania 2009—5 Pennsylvania organizations were selected by a diverse team of community leaders to receive mini-grants totaling over $24,000.

The Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership is a collaboration between the Pennsylvania Department of Health and the American Lung Association of Pennsylvania. This collaboration is funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Health through a cooperative agreement with the Center for Disease Control and Prevention.

The mini-grant program was established to enable Pennsylvania communities to develop their own tailor-made asthma control programs. It is estimated that these programs will educate about 9,000 Pennsylvanians on how to control their asthma.
The 2008-2009 Mini-Grant Recipients are:

Bethlehem Health Bureau – Northeast, PA

Bethlehem Health Bureau will provide in-home asthma education for families in the Bethlehem area and recruit parents of asthmatic children to attend three separate asthma education seminars.

Hamilton Health Center, Inc. – South Central, PA

This federally qualified health center will educate 600 Harrisburg School District students about symptoms, triggers, treatment, and management of asthma.
The Center will also reach out to the community through education nights for parents and families.

Cumberland/Perry Tapestry of Health –South Central, PA

Cumberland/Perry Tapestry of Health will develop and distribute a minimum of 1,500 packets of asthma information to all families seeking services at any of their seven sites.
Along with the packets families will receive a 5-7 minute educational intervention, reviewing the packet contents and assessing if more information or referrals could be needed by the family.

Healthy Northeast PA Initiative, Steps to a Healthier Luzerne Initiative and the Luzerne County Asthma Coalition – Northeast, PA

Grantees will be working to increase education about asthma through l sessions within local churches, following their worship services. During each educational session asthma screenings will be offered to participants.

All About Children Pediatric Partners — Southeast, PA

All About Children Pediatric Partners provides services to 15,300 children in the Reading area.
All About Children Pediatric Partners will hold monthly evening education sessions.
The Pennsylvania Asthma Partnership’s mission is to partner collaboratively in the dedication of expertise and resources in the on-going development and implementation of a sustainable statewide asthma plan, that expands and improves the quality of asthma care and management, education and awareness, prevention and surveillance and seeks to eliminate the disproportionate burden that asthma places on racial and ethnic minorities and low income Pennsylvania residents.

This partnership is comprised of dedicated professionals, consumers, pharmacies, environmental groups, non-profits, respiratory therapists, registered nurses, insurance providers, Medicaid providers, medical centers, local asthma coalitions, physicians, community health centers, a state-wide epidemiologist, and state agencies.

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Pennsylvania Department of Health
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